closed due to inevitability (antiquish) wrote in newsiesicontest,
closed due to inevitability


As I am exhausted tonight, I will post the winners for the last challenge tomorrow morning.

Also, as there ended up only being one entry in the layout contest, the winner is birdythenerdy! Congrats (and I will have your banner and $5 gc posted/sent tomorrow at some point as well). And of course, I will get the new layout up asap.

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*does a little dance*

no wait.

*a BIG dance*

Because I oh-so miss my paid account! xD Even if it was the only entry, hey! xD I had fun making it at either rate.

Awesome! I'm glad at least one person entered :D I've got it up, but I need to code the CSS and put in all the side bar content. Congrats again!
Yeah, didn't finish my entry in time. Poo. But I can't wait to see the new one.
That's alright. I'll probably have another layout contest in a few months, anyway :) And the new layout is up, if you want to take a peek. I still have to do the CSS and side bar stuff though.