closed due to inevitability (antiquish) wrote in newsiesicontest,
closed due to inevitability

1st place: by antiquish

2nd place: by calico321

3rd place: by birdythenerdy

Congrats to all!

Now for the next challenge,

[Cap from here.]

* You can only use the posted image - no blends with other images.
* You have until Sunday night 11:59 PM MST to enter.
* You must include the image itself (img src tag) and the url to the image (a href tag).
* Your icon must be within LJ size limits (100 x 100 and less than 40 Kb)
* You may enter by replying to this post only.
* You may enter only one icon.
* You may not enter anonymously - only those with LiveJournal accounts are allowed to enter and you must use that account to enter so that I know who to award any possible (virtual) prizes to and so I know that you're not entering more than once.
* Any questions can be asked here.
* Here's an example of what your entry should look like (click).

Good luck!
Tags: new challenge, winners
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