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Several things

Sorry this is a little late. Anyway, time for the next challenge, which is a lyrical one.

This is a lyrical challenge. I'm just going to link two songs and you can chose any five (or more) consecutive words to use in your icon from either song (I couldn't choose!). The first song is Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure and the second song is A Night Like This by The Cure.

The Rules:
* You have until Sunday night 11:59 PM MST/PDT to enter.
* You must include the image itself (img src tag) and the url to the image (a href tag).
* Your icon must be within LJ size limits (100 x 100 and less than 40 Kb)
* You may enter by replying to this post only.
* You may enter only one icon.
* You may not enter anonymously - only those with LiveJournal accounts are allowed to enter and you must use that account to enter so that I know who to award any possible (virtual) prizes to and so I know that you're not entering more than once.
* Any questions can be asked here, but please ask it outside your entry.
* Here's an example of what your entry should look like (click)
Good luck!

Also, voting will be posted for last week's challenge later tonight. If you're having problems voting using the poll thingy, then please comment to the entry with your favorite icons numbers (in order of most to least favorite).

Lastly, the layout that birdythenerdy made for the contest a few weeks ago is finally up and running in full! Go check it out and if you have questions to add to the FAQ, please post them here, too. Thanks!
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